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Add that even working channels are painfully slow and almost never populate smoothly, making them more a frustration than a function. So far Media Browser is the closest, a better web gui than Plex. And ALL these servers should be modular broken into bite size pieces, ideally light enough to be run on a router or nas, I can't tell you how many times I've absent mindedly rebooted only to go dough..

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I was streaming from my local machine.. More control, more options, more awesome. I like Serviio. Serviio is easy to manage and it works fast. I cannot make the subs working on my TV and it takes me back to the menu in the middle of movie without touching any buttons. Still searching for a good server - Dennis, please don't suggest anything :. For any Windows users out there, give Mezzmo a try. I've been using it for several years and it is rock solid with all my devices in my home Samsung TV, Samsung Blu-ray player, Android tablet and iPhone.

And if you like Mezzmo, give KooRaRoo a try as well : It's got more features, it's faster to deliver folders and files to your devices and more actively developed. Judging by the number of posts you have made about this I think it now counts as aggressively promoting your own product. You've posted a good number of times trying to get people to buy your streamer and I think that's enough now.

Simply adding "try this lol it's great! Your product also does not really meet the "decent free option" we try to feature here at MakeUseOf - all of the products on this page are free indefinitely, some with certain restrictions. Ok, point taken - thanks : I certainly don't want to give my product a bad image because of this, so I'm sorry and I won't do this again. Basically just wanted to get it going.

Settings/Services/UPnP DLNA

DLNA is a messy spec, it's an awful thing non-programmers cannot imagine how this is a mess. All is about tweaking for particular renderers, this is awful and this encourage to bad programming. So, every renderers manufacturer only implements partial support, while providing their own unique features beyond the spec. There are a lot of available free media servers not mentionned here. As a result, a lot of them has not been updated since many months or years.

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As an example, i'm using minidlna under FreeBSD, which is a lightweight and lightning fast solution without transcoding capabilities which fit my needs. Kooraroo is a good product with many good ideas, well designed but far to be perfect too expensive, unstable GUI, bad GUI translations, windows only, not open source. For me, this would be a mix between minidlna fast, light, open source, written in C , Plex great WebGUI , serviio multiplatform , and kooraroo deeply tunable.

LXiMedia is also a good idea because even incredibly small computer boxes getting more and more powerful every day, but there is yet a lot of work to do on the project. I've not had any success with this either, but then again I have literally no use for it.

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  • Thanks for pointing it out, though I think we can probably agree that it's one of the less important features from a streamer. Pictures are easy to share using SMB or even the Internet if all else fails, but for many videos and even music are not.

    Not in all cases sharing works - for example, personally, we shoot most of our stuff in Canon's raw format, which obviously cannot be played straight away. Thus one of the first things I did with KRR was to make sure it would support most raw camera formats.

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    • But I agree that streaming videos and music is more complex :. You can remove XBMC from this list as it's not designed as a server, just a client and is not compatible with all DLNA devices mainly sony has problems. There are literally hundreds of posts on its forums regarding this issue. Ironically the development team seems to blame the hardware manufacturers, which is funny because every other program on this list has no such problems, I would therefore conclude the problem is indeed with XBMC.

      XBMC is primarily designed to work as a media center, and that task it does very well.

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      It is incapable of running in the background as a server for media files, something which the vast majority of people reading this page will want. I myself have my computer connected to my tv via HDMI, so if I wanted to play movies in this fashion I would simply use a media player and drag the window to the TV. After downloading both versions 11 and 12 of XBMC, I have concluded that it doesn't deliver on any of it's promises, which is a shame because it had such potential.

      Well yes and no.

      DLNA UPnP player for Mac - Elmedia Player

      If you're running a HTPC that is connected to your storage say you've got a couple of TB in that machine and you use it exclusively for video , then there's a good chance XBMC never stops running. You can then stream video through the house to other devices from your main HTPC. I've had success streaming from XBMC, I tested it for this article, so it does work in a server capacity albeit not in the background.

      I've also read the hardware argument in a lot more places than just the XBMC forums. Like it or not, a lot of the time the faults lie with the clients TVs, BluRay players etc I reply to everything I think warrants a reply - that's not to say other people don't warrant replies, but suggestions and "thanks" comments don't necessarily need my input. Other products mentioned here by commenters are fine but most of them cost more than the ones I've featured in the article.

      FireStream UPnP/DLNA server software for Mac

      Serviio didn't work properly with my Sony Blu-ray player. PS2 Media Server is the answer. I just wanted to make a note that KooRaRoo also has transcoding, supports AC3, DTS and all other audio and video and image formats, including 3D MPO and such , subtitles external and burned-in - burned-in are being beta-tested right now and will available with the next update and provides a fully customizable media library layout and an easy to use interface.

      Hi Tim, Please excuse my ignorance on this I am new to it. Probably not, no. Your PVR would have to explicitly support the streaming outwards of the content on its hard drive, and I may be mistaken but I've actually never seen any such PVR. Of course, if you can do this then do let me know because that would be awesome. The best way to do what you want to do would be to set up a media centre PC with TV capture card and a ton of space. It might take time and patience, but if you really want to watch what you record on TV using your Mac then this should offer you a way to do it.

      I vote iSedora. I tried most of the above about 18 months back some may have improved since then , but the only thing I could get to work seamlessly to all my devices Panasonic TV, Sony Blue Ray player and Xbox was iSedora. They don't seem to get much publicity, but just worked for me straight out of the box transcoding where required.

      Linn — Software

      Rob, give KooRaRoo a try as well - it wasn't around 18 months ago : iSedora is not actively updated - the last update was 2 years ago. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Big Thumbs Up Dennis. Actually yes, there was an issue in version 1. This will enable the UPnP server and will therefore allow you to stream media in your libraries to a UPnP client on your network. How to share libraries using UPnP. By enabling this setting the UPnP clients will be notified if a manual or automatic library update occures on the UPnP server.

      Automatic video library update on startup. Automatic music library update on startup. Manually updating video library. Manually updating music library. Look for external subtitles for videos provided by the UPnP server. This can cause extensive CPU, filesystem and network load. Subtilte settings. Enable the UPnP control point.

      How to cast video from Mac to smart TV wirelessly using Elmedia Player

      This allows you to stream media to any UPnP client and control its playback. This setting enables the UPnP client. It will allow you to stream media from any UPnP server with a control point and control playback from that server.